Liability of Inspecting the Paranormal Activity House

(NOTE: This blog is intended for entertainment purposes. Each videos have been cropped to only show a portion of the embedded Youtube video but might still contain what some may consider “scary” content. Therefore, proceed with caution.)

If you ever find yourself inspecting the house from Paranormal Activity, it’s important to make notes in your inspection report that address certain irregularities to limit your risk of liability. Here are some tips to help reduce your exposure to risk.

First, to determine if there is in fact a paranormal occupant, try using baby powder. Not only is it soft on your skin, it sticks to ghost “feet” like a dream.

Once the presence of a paranormal spirit has been established, you might recommend the homeowners strap themselves into their beds at night to keep from being dragged down the hall. This little tidbit might keep you from being dragged into a lawsuit.

Although it seems like common sense, if an Ouija board is spotted in the house you should strongly recommend the new owners remove it prior to residing in the house. I know I would not want to take the fall for an “electrical fire” that was clearly the work of an overly chatty ghost that could not keep their fiery mitts off the family Ouija board.

You might need to set up an overnight video camera in order to detect any “drafts” in the house. The captured footage could also be used when explaining to a homeowner the difference between a draft and a disturbed spirit that crawls into bed with them every night at exactly 1:34. Ghosts can be such cover hogs and no one wants that.

If during your inspections, the lights tend to turn themselves on and off and when you go to investigate, a door inexplicable slams in your face, effectively locking you inside a dark room, be sure to document in your report the time at which the door slammed. The homeowners are probably going to want to know at what time they need to be out that door if they do not want to miss the ghost’s nightly disco party.

While all of these tips will help reduce risk, it does not guarantee that you will not be blamed for a paranormal mishap. Having an experienced team of independent insurance agents on your side can help you find insurance that does not have to cost your first born child.

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